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Convenient Computer Repair  is the  single source for all of your computer services needs
Routine Maintenance
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Home Service
Our Industry Certified Technician will come to your office and solve all of your computer needs.
Our aim is to perform service at your convenience.  We come to your home or business and perform the work. If you prefer, we can pick up & repair, and deliver it back to you.   Our service is same day or next day in most cases.  Our service technicians are skilled and each have 8 years of experience.  The technicians carry the COMPTIA  A+ Certification and have attended many hours of training from all major PC manufacturers. 

Monitor Productivity
Do you suspect that your employees are not using your office computers for strictly business. Are you worried about where your employees are going on the internet? What are they spending their time on? If you are concerned about what websites your employees are viewing or who they are emailing and instant messaging,  then contact us. We have software available to monitor these activities so that you may have a hard copy for addressing your companies policies. They are your companies computers and it is legal to verify that your equipment is not being used in an inappropriate manner.

Networks, Backups, and Repairs
Your network is vital to your business. When problems arise, you need fast on-site services. In addition to traditional wired networks, our technicians are experts at installing, configuring, and securing wireless networks.
Has your company experienced data loss due to hardware malfunctions, viruses, or other unexpected errors? Call the professionals. Our technicians provide backup and recovery solutions to businesses that require urgent assistance on their premises.
Like many small and medium-sized businesses, your company might be unsure about how to upgrade or to replace your current PCs, servers, or other hardware. Consult with us and we will take the guesswork out of this transition. 

Systems Installation and Configuration
Convenient Computer Repair can meet your computing needs from day one. We can unpack and set up a variety of computer and network systems to get your business up and running smoothly without the hassles and headaches of figuring out what plugs into where or which software is and is not installed.
Convenient Computer Repair provides comprehensive network support tailored to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses thus eliminating the need for a systems administrator on staff. We will serve, as your company's IT staff at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost to hire and retain in-house personnel. 

Brands Serviced
  • HP / Compaq
  • Dell
  • Gateway
  • IBM
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Custom Built
  • Others

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We specialize in:

Service and Repair
Upgrades to help your computer run faster
Firewalls and Security
Virus detection and removal
Computer hook-up , maybe you just bought your computer and need help hooking it up, we can do that too!  
We Install Operating Systems... Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows NT, Etc.
We Install Different Computer Parts .... Memory, Modem, Hard Drives, CPU, Motherboard, Sound Card, AGP card, Video Card, Power Supply, Computer Case, Power Supply, Floppy Drive, CD-Drive, DVD Drives

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